IOWA — Record low temperatures were set across parts of Iowa this morning as temperatures fell into the teens and low 20s. In Des Moines, the low dropped to 21° which broke the old record of 25° set in 1928 by 4°.

The cold morning temperatures were due to a high-pressure system over the central U.S. As high pressure moved in, the sky cleared all clouds out of the way, which allowed for some of the warmth we had yesterday to escape back into the atmosphere. Since highs were in the mid-40s, (nearly 20° below average) it didn’t take long for temperatures to dip back into the teens and 20s.

Ottumwa also broke a record low as temperatures fell to 23° this morning. That broke the old record set in 1949 by 3°.

When will it warm up?

Short answer: Thursday! A warm front will lift over the state on Wednesday, however, it will be accompanied by rain. Rain will keep temperatures in the 50s on Wednesday, but as cloud cover clears, highs will rise close to 70° on Thursday. Temperatures do look to stay in the 70s Friday and Saturday, but rain looks to arrive again to put a damper on any outdoor plans.

Stay tuned for more information on rain amounts expected this week and over the weekend.