West Central Iowa Considered Extremely Dry

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The most recent drought monitor update shows extremely dry conditions for much of west central Iowa. This includes all of Carroll and Audubon county and nearly all of Guthrie and Greene county. It adds up to about 6% of the state of Iowa.

Extreme drought is the 4th tier of 5.
The impacts from the Category D3 Extreme Drought are
-Pastures are dry
-Pest infestations occur in the crop fields
-Allergies become worse
-Fire danger even worse
-Water levels exceptionally low
-Trees become stressed and may begin to drop leaves.

The overall drought continues to grow too. Abnormally dry is the first tier within the drought conditions and nearly 80% of Iowa is considered at least abnormally dry. That is just under a 17% increase in the overall drought.
To break down the categories:
45.34% of Iowa is considered Abnormally Dry (D0)
18.59% of Iowa is considered Moderately Dry (D1)
9.52% of Iowa is considered Severely Dry (D2)
6.16% of Iowa is considered Extremely Dry (D3)
0.00% is considered Exceptionally Dry (D4)

Note: The drought monitor is reassessed every week by the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The cutoff for data is Tuesday at 8 AM, then experts analyze the data and issue the drought monitor Thursday at 8 AM.

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