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IOWA — Central Iowa is not only dealing with extreme heat and humidity today, but also a Slight Risk area for severe storms. This is noted in Storm Prediction Center’s latest outlook for Tuesday. The highest likelihood of storms is centered over southern Wisconsin and only a sliver of northeast Iowa and northern Illinois.

A cold front is approaching Iowa and out ahead of the front we have very hot temperatures and dew points in the low to mid-70s. Surface temperatures will be very hot, so it will be difficult to get air lifting to lead to storms forming. This may happen along outflow boundaries from storms overnight in Wisconsin and Illinois on the east side of our state and where there may be a slight temperature difference.

The main threat with these storms would be strong winds and wind damage. The hail threat is lower and the threat of tornadoes is nearly zero.

The greatest coverage of storms is expected in Wisconsin to Northern Illinois and in the far eastern edge of Iowa.

Here’s an outlook on where and when any storms in Central Iowa are expected to form. North Central to Northeastern Iowa looks to be where the storms may first fire up and then they move to the southeast into eastern Iowa.

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