Sunday Sun Dogs: January 19, 2020

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Bryan Folkers – Johnston

Iowans woke up to bitterly cold temperatures on Sunday morning with wind chills as low as -20 to -30, but they were delighted with a celestial observation. Sun dogs, technical name parhelia, shown above on either side of the morning sun.

Watch an explanation on how sun dogs are formed here in a recent Weather Why with Megan Salois.

Take a look at the various views of the sun dogs that Channel 13 received from viewers around Central Iowa on Sunday.

Monday afternoon as the clouds thinned, Josh Kaiser witnessed this colorful view of iridescent clouds. This is an optical phenomena where the light of the sun is scattered by ice crystals in alto-cirrus clouds in close proximity to the sun. They may have a pale rainbow appearance to them.

Both sun dogs and cloud iridescence are most often seen in the winter, but can occur in warmer months as well.


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