Snow to Melt as Temps Climb This Weekend

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Snow moved through Iowa late Thursday night through Friday morning, but most of what accumulated will melt throughout the afternoon today. A warmer air mass will continue to move in over the next couple of days, boosting temperatures back above the freezing point for the first time in almost a week.

As of Friday, there is an 8 inch snow depth in Des Moines. Less than an inch of that is expected to melt away throughout Friday afternoon as temperatures will only climb to 33-34° with no sunshine during the afternoon. On Saturday however, not only will temperatures climb into the mid and upper 30s, but the sun will return for a good portion of the afternoon. Expect to hear running water when you step outdoors as snow melts and drains down the gutters. It is tough to know how much snow will melt across the state on Saturday, but Sunday’s high temperatures will be dependent on this. As of now, forecast highs are in the lower and middle 40s for most of the state. In the areas that may not have as much snow on the ground, highs will be closer to 50 than 40.

Of course, Monday’s high temperatures will also be dependent on how much snow melts from the warmer air on Sunday. The current forecast for Monday is mid-30s and mostly cloudy, but if Sunday climbs closer to 50, Monday may be a lot closer to 40.

The warmer air won’t stick around for long. The cold front that moves in on Monday with bring more cold air into the state for Tuesday. Highs look to top out in the 20s with more snow arriving. As of now, it looks like southern Iowa will be the target for the highest amounts in Iowa. More info will come on this system as it develops over the weekend. Stay tuned


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