Snow Moon Over Iowa

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Jerry Nordstrum

A spectacular celestial sight amazed Central Iowa eyes during the weekend and viewers from across Central Iowa shared their pictures of the Snow Moon with Channel 13. We wanted to share those with you.

Native Americans in the Northern  and Eastern United States gave the second full moon of the winter the title of “Snow Moon” because of it’s appearance during often times some of the heaviest snow events.

The full moon peaked at 1:33 AM on Sunday morning, but could be admired during the evening ahead of a cloudy overnight night Saturday night into Sunday morning and also Sunday evening through early Monday morning.

Experts debate whether this full moon qualified as a supermoon. Supermoons happen when the moon comes to the closest point in it’s orbit to the earth while it’s full and some astronomers say this moon did not reach the closest point for a full moon in 2020.

Due to being a short month, sometimes February doesn’t experience a full moon at all!

The next full moon occurs on March 9th. That moon is coined the Worm Moon as some say earthworms start to emerge from the thawing ground.


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