Severe Weather Awareness Week: Warning Reception

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If there is the potential for severe weather, it is vital to remain “weather aware”! So the question is, how can you know if you do need to pay special attention to the weather on a particular day?

Watching your local weather forecasts regularly can get you in a pattern where you will be aware of incoming weather conditions that could bring damage to property or even life in the hours ahead. The NOAA Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma issues outlooks 3 days out of severe weather potential across the country. Risk areas are issued for areas that may see higher risk of severe weather from marginal to high risk. If you know your area is included in a risk area, it is a good day to stay weather aware.

If you do know there is the potential of severe weather, there are many ways to stay “weather aware” and get your weather information. It is a good idea to depend on more than one method.

TV stations will run crawls or maps on their screens when severe weather is expected or imminent. The crawls and maps will list the counties impacting. WHO13 Meteorologists will be on air when series and potentially life threatening weather is occurring. Radio stations may also buzz with emergency tones ahead of warnings for tornado warnings and will list the counties within the warning.

Outdoor sirens are meant for notification of people outdoors and who may not be watching TV, radio or on social media while outdoors. Sirens sound for tornado warnings but also for severe thunderstorms that are capable of producing winds greater than 80 mph.

NOAA Weather Radios can be left on in notification mode when a watch has been issued. The radio will go off with a loud tone when a warning is issued for the owners location. This is especially a good method of notification for waking up sleeping people.

The 13 Warn Me App is a tool with live radar, live streams and warning and lightning notifications (when notifications are turned on in the phone’s settings). This app especially comes in handy if someone were without power or a satellite TV signal to be able to watch the live stream of severe weather coverage.

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