HRRR Computer Model Output

Showers and storms look to bubble up over central Iowa after 10PM Monday night and linger into Tuesday. Rain chances may stick around in southern Iowa into early Wednesday morning.

Forecast Precip. Accumulation

Rainfall estimates show the potential for isolated areas of 1″+ amounts over southern Iowa by Wednesday morning. The exact placement of the heaviest totals will change as the forecast evolves.

Computer Model Precipitation Intensity

The best chance of rain during the next 7 days comes as a trough of low pressure over the western United States transitions into the Midwest this weekend. Saturday has the potential to see heavy rainfall and stronger storms.

Computer Model Precipitation Intensity

Storms and heavy rainfall look to continue into the nighttime hours on Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Computer Model Precipitation Intensity

Eventually the weekend system looks to transition into what is called a cutoff low, meaning it will be cut off from any jetstreams and will take its time moving out of the area. Precipitation looks to linger into Monday and possibly beyond.

We’ll be keeping you up to date as the weekend forecast becomes more clear.