DES MOINES, IOWA — January’s full moon is nicknamed the Wolf Moon. The name comes from colonial times when villagers would hear the howling of wolves in the dark of winter. The moon will rise over Des Moines at 4:34 this afternoon and reach peak at 5:07 PM. Sunset is minutes before at 4:59 PM. Skies will be partly cloudy, so the full moon should be visible.

You’ll find the moon nestled inside the constellation Gemini. It is also at its highest altitude as the sun is low in the sky in the winter, and the full moon is directly opposite of the sun. The moon will set at 8:36 Saturday morning.

There will be a lot happening in Iowa skies this evening. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be visible when darkest, looking off to the southern sky. Many constellations are also above and many include bright stars that can be seen from cities. The constellations include Orion, Gemini, and Taurus.

Linda Pete captured this picture of the nearly full moon early Friday morning.