It’s the Humidity and Anniversary of the Jordan Tornado

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High humidity is part of summer and summer starts with all that can be expected on Friday.

We often talk about dew points. That is the most accurate measurement of humidity in the air. That dew point temperature indicates what the air temperature would have to be for 100% relative humidity.
Here is a look at how that dew point makes us feel.

50 degree dew point = comfortable humidity
60 degree dew point = sticky feeling
65 degree dew point = very uncomfortable while working/exercising
70 degree dew point = tropical dew points
75 degree dew point = oppressive…hard to breath while working/exercising

We are expecting the 70 degree dew points by the end of the week and weekend. This will not be comfortable for anyone who has to be outside through the mid-day hours.

Jordan Tornado

If you are old enough…you might remember the Jordan tornado that wiped Jordan, IA off the map. It was an F5 tornado that had twin vortexes.
One of the tornadoes was spinning counter-clockwise…the other was spinning clock-wise.
Theodore Fajita came to Iowa to investigate the tornado and the exclusive film footage shot by WHO-TV.
That tornado coverage won our station a Peabody Award. It was the first time the twin twister effect was caught on film.
Pretty amazing for the time….check out the video.


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