IOWA — Friday, October 13th is bringing some unusual fall weather in the form of some potential for isolated severe storms. A strong low-pressure center continues to spin across the Upper Midwest. It will cross from Eastern Nebraska into Illinois today and into the evening.

Severe parameters are not great, but there could be just enough spin during that center of low pressure crossing the state in the late afternoon, that any isolated storms that do form may weakly spin and even spin up a weak tornado.

The highest potential to see this will be from a line near Fort Dodge to Ottumwa in southeast Iowa. The line will rotate and lift up near Iowa City and along I-80 in Eastern Iowa through early evening.

There will also be some isolated heavy downpours with some of these storms.

Winds will get stronger overnight tonight as the low exits into Illinois and a colder north wind will blow with gusty conditions on Saturday. Wind gusts may reach 25 mph.

Skies will be overcast and a few spotty showers may redevelop again on Saturday. Highs will only be in the low 50s this weekend.

For the full forecast, check it out here.