Dangerous Heat Expected Today in Central Iowa

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Central Iowa will experience the hottest day of the year so far with heat index values above 100° in many cities Wednesday. A Heat Advisory is in effect for most of central Iowa (especially east half) until 8 PM as it will feel like 100-105°.

Heat Advisory for 7/8/2020 until 8 PM.

Forecast highs are in the middle 90s today. When the temperature outside is 90°, it only takes 30 min for a car temperature to rise to 124° when the air is off. Below is a graphic from San Francisco State University showing how fast the inside of a car can warm up when the air is off and the windows are up. On a day like today, it only takes one hour for the inside of a car to climb to near 140°.

Estimated Vehicle Interior Air Temperature vs Elapsed Time. Graphic courtesy of the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco State University.

Heat-related deaths are very preventable, yet approximately 658 people die every year in the US due to heat. It’s the leading cause of death from natural weather events in the United States of America.

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are heat-related illnesses and can lead to death.
The graphic below describes how to look for Heat-related illnesses and what to do if you have those symptoms.

Courtesy: Center for Disease Control

You are reminded to:
-Leave your pets at home unless they will be by your side at every moment.
-Do not leave children in the car alone
-Drink extra water
-Take breaks in the shade or indoors if possible
-Wear loose, light-colored, and lightweight clothing
-Check on elderly neighbors, friends, family


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