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Today in Iowa
A cold front will pass through the state today shifting the wind toward the NW by the early afternoon. Wind speeds will be steady between 10-25 mph with wind gusts up to 30-35 mph. Cloud cover will also hold steady through the afternoon and evening, but temperatures will fall from the 50s at 2 pm into the lower 40s by 8 pm. This change will happen sooner in NW Iowa and later in SE Iowa. A few spotty showers are also possible in far southeastern Iowa. 

Future Satellite and Radar for Today and Tonight

Today in the Midwest
The cold front has already moved through much of the upper Midwest where wind speeds will remain strong from the northwest. Meanwhile cloud cover will begin to decrease and temperatures will fall by about 10° by the late evening. For the Dakotas that means teens and 20s, for Nebraska, Iowa, SE Minnesota, and Wisconsin that means temps will fall into the 30s and 40s by the late evening. Showers and thunderstorms are possible across the southern half of the Midwest from Kansas to Indiana late this evening and through the overnight. 

Highs on Thanksgiving Day in Iowa

Tomorrow in Iowa
Thanksgiving Day will be the coldest day of the week by far. Strong NW winds will hang around through most of the day, deceiving the bright sunshine that we’ll also see. Morning lows will be in the lower 20s with afternoon highs in the lower 30s, however it will feel more like 10° in the morning with wind chills only peaking around the lower 20s in the afternoon.

Future satellite and radar across the Midwest on Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow in the Midwest
Thanksgiving Day will be noticeably colder for most, if not all of the Midwest. Thanks to Wednesday’s cold front temperatures will stay in the 20s and 30s for most of the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. While slightly warmer, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana will be slightly milder in the 40s. Despite the colder temperatures, the sky will clear out behind the cold front meaning sunshine will be aplenty for most. 

Future temperatures across the Midwest on Thanksgiving Day