Temperatures have warmed up quite a bit in the lead up to Thanksgiving after an exceptionally cold weekend. The great news for travelers is mild temperatures should continue through the holiday and into the weekend, according to Meteorologist Brett McIntyre.

While temperatures should remain at or above averages in the mid-40s, there will be more clouds into the forecast by Thanksgiving Day, along with a couple of rain chances through the weekend.

The travel forecast starts on Wednesday with another round of mid-50s temperatures around Iowa. The entire Midwest should enjoy quiet weather with partly to mostly sunny skies.

Clouds increase on Thanksgiving Day, and a few showers or sprinkles will be possible over the southeast half of the state. A better chance for light or steady rain will be possible around St. Louis and through the Ohio River Valley, though with mild temperatures there should be little to no concern for snow or ice with this system.

Temperatures will cool only slightly into Friday behind Thanksgiving system, on what should be another quiet, and sunny day in Central Iowa and our neighboring states.

Saturday could start to be a bit trickier for travel. Light rain will be possible over the southeast half of the state, with steadier rain and wet roads around St. Louis. In addition, heavy rain or even thunderstorms could be possible Saturday or Sunday around big airport hub Atlanta, Georgia, so keep that in mind if you or relatives have flights or connections that direction.