Road Conditions Improving After Overnight Snow



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This storm is lifting out at a faster rate than anticipated, and should wrapped up around 9:00 AM in the metro. Snow totals are expected to be between 2 and 5″ across the central part of the state.

The lower totals are thanks to drier air that worked its way in late last night. That typically cuts down snowfall totals, which is what we are experiencing this morning. This system in particular did not develop until later in the day on Tuesday. When these systems don’t develop until less than 24 hours before the event, weather equipment doesn’t have a chance to get an air sampling within and around the storm. Once these storms develop, the weather balloons sample the air and send back data. In this case, they indicated more dry air than anticipated, which is the cause of these lower totals.

The roads will still be fairly snowy throughout the morning commute, and the wind will be a bit strong. Blowing snow will remain possible throughout the late morning and afternoon.

The sky will remain cloudy throughout the rest of today with a few flurries. Highs will be in the upper 20s to low 30s, which will make treating the roads easier. Despite a cloudy sky, the higher sun angle during this time of the year will help to melt some of the snow.

The rest of the work week will be on the drier side. Temperatures will be back in the 20s for Thursday but rise into the 30s again by Friday. Warmer weather will arrive for the weekend. Another system will push into Iowa which means we could see a rain and snow mix. This could cause some problems on the roads for Saturday.


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