Strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible in Iowa, mainly tomorrow in Central Iowa, but also overnight tonight in far Northwest Iowa.

An area of low pressure will be developing over Nebraska and South Dakota, and will provide support to developing strong thunderstorms both evenings, along with the help of a cold front.


Damaging winds look to be of particular concern with this round of storms, though Tornado Warnings have been issued in Nebraska and will be a threat through at least midnight. Though Central Iowa should be far enough east of the support to remain storm free, far western and northwestern Iowa, including popular holiday spots around Okoboji should pay very close attention to the forecast. South Dakota into Minnesota will be the most likely areas affected tonight.

Make sure if you are planning to camp in these areas, or know friends or family that will be, to make sure there is a way to receive warnings in the night, like with your 13WarnMe app or NOAA weather radios.


As the system pulls east Monday, Western and Central Iowa will be more in reach of severe weather potential, and this could again include Lake Okoboji for a second evening. Storms likely would fire up in the early evening as temperatures hover around 90 degrees, with plenty of humidity…dew points should be in the upper 60s.

Hail and damaging winds would be a threat, although tornadoes can’t be ruled out, maybe even moreso into Northern Iowa and Minnesota as you get closer to the center of the low pressure system. Strong tornadoes may even be possible in West Central Minnesota.


The severe risk continues into Tuesday for the southeastern portion of Iowa. The cold front will have moved further east, so more showers and thunderstorms will develop through the day. A few of these storms again could produce damaging winds and hail as the primary threats.