Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornadoes


Severe Weather Awareness Week continues today with a look at tornadoes. Tornadoes form under a complicated process that researchers are still studying. They form when a column of spinning air begins to develop within a storm and drops to the surface, leading to wind damage on the ground.

Tornadoes are most likely in Iowa during the months of May and June. On average, 48 tornadoes are reported a year in Iowa. In 2019, Iowa had 54 tornadoes. 2 people were injured by tornadoes and there was 1 death. We had the most tornadoes on May 29th with 15 reported tornadoes.

If a Tornado Watch is issued, this means conditions are ideal for tornado development. You should remain weather aware with your favorite means to receive warnings either by TV, the 13WarnMe app, or NOAA Weather Radio. When a Tornado Warning is issued, this means a tornado threat is occurring or imminent. You should immediately take cover in the lowest level of the house or building that you are in, away from windows and in the center of the building.


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