Recent Rain Totals Bring Us Closer to October Record

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In the last 24 hours, we’ve hit some notable weather milestones for October. The rainfall with the most recent storm system took our October monthly total of rain in Des Moines. to 7.25″ of rain. This brings us very close to tying our record October rainfall total of 7.29″ from 1941. With nine days left in October, any more rain could take us to that total or higher.

As of October 22nd, here is the list of rainiest Octobers:

#1 7.29″  1941
#2 7.25″  2019
#3 6.86    1947
#4 6.56″  2009
#5 6.45″  1881

One other item of note is the strong wind gusts from overnight Tuesday to Wednesday morning. Our highest wind gusts occurred as expected in northwest Iowa, with the except of Creston which also had a higher gust. Most of the highest gusts occurred in the evening hours on Tuesday in Northwest Iowa where we had a High Wind Warning. Des Moines saw the strong winds early on Tuesday morning. Here are a few of the highest gusts from the last 24 hours.

Estherville       60 mph 9:33 PM
Rockwell City  53 mph  9:50 PM
Algona             52 mph  9:55 PM
Creston           52 mph   7:15 PM
Des Moines    46 mph   4.24 AM


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