Thunderstorms rumbling in western Iowa late Thursday night and early Friday morning caused a strong gust front to blow through Central Iowa between 12:30 AM and 2 AM Friday. This outflow boundary, as it’s called, can be seen on the radar as a line of what looks like light rain, but it’s actually the wind being detected on the radar. An outflow boundary is a gust of cold sinking wind that blows out from a strong thunderstorm.

See the radar loop here:

Overnight Radar Loop

Here is a look at some of the max wind gusts overnight from that outflow boundary.

  • Des Moines 53 mph
  • Perry 52 mph
  • Ankeny 51 mph
  • Ames 46 mph
  • Boone 40 mph
  • Marshalltown 39 mph
  • Newton 38 mph
  • Earlham 37 mph
  • Knoxville 33 mph
  • Pella 20 mph