IOWA — Highs will be near 100° in central Iowa Monday, but that’s not all, dew point temperatures have already climbed into the mid-70s, making it extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous to spend more than 20 minutes outdoors. More than three dozen cooling centers – including malls, libraries and community centers – are now open around Polk County.

A Heat Advisory is in effect from noon Monday until 7 PM Tuesday

A Heat Advisory for central Iowa means it will feel as hot as 105°. Spending extended amounts of time outdoors without taking extra precautions like drinking extra water, wearing light-weight/light-colored clothing, taking frequent breaks in the shade or A/C.

Records for June 13:

  • Record hot high temperature 99° set in 1886
  • Record hot low temperature 76° set in 1994


Low temperatures will only fall into the mid-70s and with dew point temperatures also in the 70s, it will be very difficult for humans and animals to recover from the high heat. Be sure to keep pets indoors overnight. In fact, tonight’s low may set a new record. The warmest morning low Des Moines has ever seen on June 14 is 75° and that was set in 1994, but lows tonight may stay at least 2° above that.

The afternoon will be even warmer than Monday with highs expected to reach 99-100°.

Records for June 14:

  • Record hot high temperature 101° set in 1886
  • Record hot low temperature 75° set in 1994