South Skunk Near West Riverside Road Ames

Major Flood Stage: 16.5 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 16 feet

Flood Stage: 12.5 feet

Near Flood Stage: 11 feet

Record Crest:

19.0 feet on 08/11/2010


  • 16.8 feet: Water affects E 13th Street with closure likely.
  • 14.1 feet: Water affects residences along Freel Drive south of Lincoln Way.
  • 10.6 feet: Water is out of its banks at River Valley Park.
  • 9.9 feet: Water affects low-lying fields.

Ioway Creek At Lincoln Way Ames

Major Flood Stage: 15.5 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 14 feet

Flood Stage: 10 feet

Near Flood Stage: 8 feet

Record Crest:

18.54 feet on 07/09/1993


  • 18.5 feet: Water reaches the perimeter fence at Furman Aquatic Center…located at 1635 13th Street.
  • 17.3 feet: Stange Road is overtopped north of Ioway Creek. The Meadow Lane trailer park floods.
  • 17.1 feet: Water affects the Iowa State Lied Recreation Center.
  • 16.4 feet: Water affects the Maple…Willow and Larch dormitories on the Iowa State University campus.
  • 15.8 feet: Water covers Lincoln Way and University Avenue. Water also reaches the top of the curb in front the Target store…located at 320 South Duff Avenue.
  • 15.5 feet: Water affects Lincoln Way west of the bridge over Ioway Creek.
  • 15.1 feet: Water affects the Scheman Building and Hilton Coliseum. South Duff Avenue is closed between Ioway Creek and South 3rd Street.
  • 14.5 feet: Water reaches the CyRide building…located at the northeast corner of 1700 University Boulevard.
  • 14.4 feet: Water covers South Duff Avenue. Water also affects the Timbercreek Apartments…located at 610 Ioway Creek Drive.
  • 13.8 feet: Water affects the Tall Timber Apartments…located at 644 Ioway Creek Drive.
  • 13.5 feet: Water covers 6th Street near Brookside Park.
  • 13.3 feet: Water covers the road at 6th Street through the railroad underpass…in the Brookside Park area.
  • 13.2 feet: Water is in the parking lots of apartments along South 5th Street.
  • 13 feet: Water affects the South 4th Street bridge.
  • 12 feet: Water is in the parking lots of apartments along Stonehaven Drive. The Veenker Golf Course Shed is threatened.
  • 10.4 feet: Water affects lowlands around South 4th Street.
  • 9.7 feet: West 190th Street is flooded where it crosses Ioway Creek…west of the intersection with 510th Street…or 2 1/2 miles southwest of Gilbert.
  • 9 feet: Water primarily affects low lying areas near the stream.

South Skunk River Near Highway 30 Ames

Major Flood Stage: 24.5 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 23.5 feet

Flood Stage: 21.5 feet

Near Flood Stage: 19 feet

Record Crest:

26.7 feet on 08/11/2010


  • 26 feet: The US 30 bridge over the South Skunk River is overtopped. Widespread flooding also occurs along Dayton Avenue…as well as along I-35 south of US 30.
  • 25 feet: I-35 south of US 30 and US 30 between Dayton and Duff Avenues flood. Hotels and industries along Dayton Avenue flood as well.
  • 24 feet: US 30 floods between Dayton and Duff Avenues. Basements also flood in Cambridge.
  • 21 feet: Water affects South 16th Street. Water also affects the sports complex along the river south of US 30
  • 20.5 feet: Gravel roads just upstream from US 30 flood. Agricultural flooding also occurs from Ames downstream to northeast Polk County.
  • 20 feet: Water affects agricultural land from Ames to Cambridge.

South Skunk River At Colfax

Major Flood Stage: 21 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 19 feet

Flood Stage: 18 feet

Near Flood Stage: 15 feet

Record Crest:

23.85 feet on 08/14/2010


  • 24 feet: Water reaches the bottom of the I-80 bridge as well as the Iowa 117 bridge.
  • 22 feet: I-80 floods between mile markers 155 and 159. Much of downtown Colfax and numerous residences on the west and northwest sides of town flood.
  • 21 feet: I-80 is threatened between mile markers 155 and 159 due to backup from Indian Creek. Water affects the railroad trestle.
  • 20.9 feet: The levee is overtopped near the Iowa 117 bridge. The first 2 downtown blocks of Colfax adjacent to the river are inundated.
  • 20 feet: Water affects Iowa 14 south of Newton.
  • 19 feet: The earthen levee is overtopped west of town near the sewage disposal area. Evacuations may occur on the northwest side of Colfax. Flooding occurs in Reasnor.
  • 15.5 feet: Storm sewers are closed. Water affects nearby agricultural land.

South Skunk River Near Oskaloosa

Major Flood Stage: 30 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 28.5 feet

Flood Stage: 24.5 feet

Near Flood Stage: 18 feet

Record Crest:

26.40 feet on 08/16/2010


  • 30 feet: Water affects US 63.
  • 25 feet: The Oskaloosa water plant levee is overtopped with water into maintenance bay floor.
  • 24.5 feet: Iowa 92 east of Oskaloosa is threatened.
  • 23.2 feet: Water affects Highway T14 north of Pella…just south of the Marion-Jasper County line.
  • 23 feet: Secondary roads near US 63 and Iowa 92 flood.
  • 21 feet: Widespread flooding of agricultural and lowland areas occurs.
  • 17 feet: Water affects agricultural land.
  • 15 feet: The park on the south bank near the US 63 bridge floods.