North Raccoon Near Jefferson

Major Flood Stage: 23 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 21 feet

Flood Stage: 19 feet

Near Flood Stage: 17 feet

Record Crest: 22.3 feet on 06/23/1947


  • 21 feet: Water affects buildings at the Raccoon River Bible Camp north of Scranton. Residences along the river may experience flooding.
  • 20 feet: Water affects the Raccoon River Bible Camp north of Scranton. 3500 acres of agricultural land floods in Greene County.
  • 19 feet: Water affects the low areas of the Raccoon River Bible Camp north of Scranton. Water affects yards of residences along the river.

North Raccoon River Near Perry

Major Flood Stage: 20 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 18 feet

Flood Stage: 15 feet

Near Flood Stage: 14 feet

Record Crest:

23.0 feet on 07/10/1993


  • 21.6 feet: Water covers a 2 block area of Grove Street in Adel east of US 169. Water is 2 to 3 feet deep over the south entrance to the Dallas county fairgrounds off of US 169. Water covers businesses north of Adel on west side of US 169. The entrance to Island Park campground and soccer complex in Adel is covered.
  • 20 feet: Limited evacuations may begin in residential areas of Adel…along with extensive sandbagging.
  • 19 feet: Water approaches to the US 169 bridge over the river north of Adel are impassable.
  • 17.1 feet: Water begins impacting US 169 just north of Adel near the fairgrounds.

Raccoon River at Van Meter

Major Flood Stage: 23 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 22 feet

Flood Stage: 17 feet

Near Flood Stage: 15 feet

Record Crest:

26.3 feet on 07/10/1993


  • 26 feet: The railroad line north of Van Meter is overtopped.
  • 23.8 feet: Water is over I-80 near Van Meter.
  • 20 feet: Avenue R north just north of the river is overtopped. In West Des Moines…several buildings in Walnut Woods State Park flood.
  • 15 feet: Flooding occurs in the sand and gravel quarries just south of I-80.
  • 12 feet: Water affects agricultural land primarily along the upstream north bank.

Walnut Creek At I-80/35 Clive

Major Flood Stage: 15 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 14 feet

Flood Stage: 9 feet

Near Flood Stage: 8 feet

Record Crest:

13.4 feet on 06/25/2015


  • 18.1 feet: Residential evacuations occur in 10800 and 10900 blocks of Lincoln Avenue.
  • 14.6 feet: The intersection of 86th Street and University Avenue is closed.
  • 13.9 feet: 100th Street and 114th Street are closed.
  • 11.4 feet: 86th Street is closed.
  • 9 feet: Swanson Boulevard is closed from Harbach Boulevard west to Northwest 94th Street.
  • 5 feet: The Clive Greenbelt bike trail gates are closed.

Walnut Creek At 63rd St Des Moines

Major Flood Stage: 17 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 15 feet

Flood Stage: 14 feet

Near Flood Stage: 10 feet

Record Crest:

19.1 feet on 06/13/2008


  • 25.4 feet: This is the top of the West Des Moines levee.
  • 25 feet: Top of the floodwall on the east side of 63rd Street.
  • 18.5 feet: Water affects 73rd Street near I-235. Water reaches the underside of the 63rd Street bridge.
  • 17.5 feet: The 63rd Street overhead gates are closed. 
  • 16 feet: Water covers Grand Avenue in Des Moines.
  • 13 feet: Lowland flooding occurs along the east river bank downstream of 63rd Street.

Raccoon River At Highway 28 (63rd St) Des Moines

Major Stage: 40 feet

Moderate Stage: 38 feet

Flood Stage: 36 feet

Near Flood Stage: 34 feet

Record Crest:

41.3 feet on 6/13/2008


  • 46.2 feet: This is the top of the West Des Moines levee.
  • 43 feet: This is the top of the Des Moines levee at Iowa 28 and 63rd Street.
  • 42 feet: Water is over I-35.
  • 40 feet: Iowa 28 is closed north of the river. Water overtops the berm on the west side of Raccoon River Park.
  • 38 feet: Water affects primary roads in several locations.
  • 35.5 feet: Water covers Walnut Woods Drive and affects Walnut Woods State Park.

Raccoon River at Fleur Drive Des Moines

Major Flood Stage: 25 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 16 feet

Flood Stage: 12 feet

Near Flood Stage: 8 feet

Record Crest:

26.8 feet on 07/11/1993


  • 31 feet: This is the top of the levee surrounding Des Moines Water Works.
  • 27.7 feet: This is the top of the levee surrounding Valley Gardens.
  • 21 feet: The levee is closed across 63rd Street.
  • 18 feet: All the levee gates are closed in Water Works Park.
  • 17.2 feet: Water overtops portions of Fleur Drive.
  • 16.5 feet: Water begins affecting Fleur Drive.15.5 feet: Water approaches Fleur Drive and affects the Grays Lake trails.
  • 11.3 feet: George Flagg Parkway is closed from Park Avenue to Southwest 30th Street.
  • 9.5 feet: Water impacts the lowest portions of the Bill Riley Trail.