Beaver Creek @ Grimes

Major Flood Stage: 17 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 16 feet

Flood Stage: 14 feet

Action Stage: 11 feet

Record Crest 16.6 feet on 07/10/1993


23 feet: Water reaches the road surface of the Northwest 70th Avenue bridge.

18 feet: Water reaches the bottom of the Northwest 70th Avenue bridge deck.

10 feet: Water flows through the pedestrian underpass at NW 62nd Street. 9 feet: Beaver Creek goes out of its banks at the meanders just north of NW 62nd Street.

Fourmile Creek @ Easton Boulevard

Major Flood Stage: 16 feet

Moderate Flood Stage: 14 feet

Flood Stage: 12.5 feet

Action Stage: 9 feet

Record Crest: 17.5 feet on 07/01/2018


16.5 Water affects Vandalia Road near Highway 65.

16 Businesses and apartments east of E 33rd St near E Douglas Ave, E Euclid Ave and Hubbell Ave affected.

14.3 Flooding is likely in the dog park on Hubbell Avenue.

14 Widespread flooding occurs along the reaches of the creek primarily upstream from Easton Boulevard near the Hubbell overpass. Water covers lowland areas of the community center near Easton Boulevard.

13 The low end of the dog park on Hubbell Avenue is threatened.

12.9 Water affects the grounds of the Reno Dog Park on Hubbell Avenue.

12 Widespread overflow occurs upstream of Easton Boulevard.