High temperatures are set to be quite hot all the way through the week and into the weekend.

Strong winds Tuesday will lift highs well into the 90s in Central Iowa, with upper 90s likely in the western and northwestern parts of the state. The winds could gust to 25 mph, which should be enough to keep the humidity from pooling into extreme levels.

Tuesday and Wednesday High Temperatures

Heat index values should only be a couple of degrees warmer than actual temperatures on Tuesday.

A weak front will brush the state on Wednesday and that will lead to slightly “cooler” temperatures, topping out in the low 90s.

Another push to near 100-degree highs will begin Thursday and continue through Saturday, with a gradual cooldown potentially arriving later next week.

In addition to the heat, rain chances are quite low throughout the 7-day. A few chances for scattered thunderstorms are possible overnight Thursday into Friday, or Saturday into Sunday. Overall the sparse rain chances and well-above-average temperatures will continue to worsen drought conditions across Central Iowa.