IOWA — A Freeze Warning will go into effect for all of Central Iowa beginning at 1 AM Saturday. The warning will remain in effect through 9 AM Saturday as temperatures go below 32 degrees. This will be the earliest freeze for the Des Moines Metro in the last 10 years.

Freeze Warnings are issued for the first freezes of the season heading into the fall and during the spring as temperatures warm up and may suddenly drop below freezing when plants have already been potted. They are most commonly issued from May 1st through October 20th. No freeze warnings are issued during the winter.

The last time we were below freezing this year in 2022 was April 27 when we dropped to a morning low of 27.

The first freeze of the season for Polk County is on or around Oct. 6th. Although in recent years, Des Moines has hit freezing for the first time later in the month. If we hit freezing early Saturday morning, that will be pretty typical for the Des Moines Metro.

Here is a look at the first freezes of the last five years. If we hit freezing tomorrow morning Saturday Oct. 8th, it will be our earliest freeze of the last 10 years. The last time we hit 32 degrees this early was Oct. 6, 2012.

First Freezes in Des Moines – Last 10 Years

  • 2021 Nov. 1
  • 2020 Oct. 19
  • 2019 Oct. 11
  • 2018 Oct. 15
  • 2017 Oct. 28
  • 2016 Nov. 12
  • 2015 Nov. 13
  • 2014 Oct. 31
  • 2013 Oct. 23
  • 2012 Oct. 6

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