IOWA — A Blizzard Warning has been issued for central and northern Iowa from noon Thursday through 6AM Saturday. The entire state also remains under a Winter Storm Warning, but impacts will be very similar.

The snow will start to fall in western Iowa around noon. The heaviest will fall after 5 PM with 3-6″ snow totals on the way by Thursday morning.

3-6″ Snow Totals

This will be a light, fluffy snow — easy to blow around so even a small amount will cause big problems because of the strong winds.

The heaviest snow will move out by Thursday morning. The winds will be gusting around 40-50 MPH Thursday and Friday creating blizzard conditions. This will cause near white out conditions, especially in the rural areas.

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Wind Chills Thursday and Friday

The cold will be life threatening. This makes travel even more dangerous. It will stay this cold through Friday. Less than 10 minutes is recommended outdoors with conditions like this.

Conditions will be improving Saturday with less wind and temperatures above zero, which will make travel easier.