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Workout of the Week
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A lot of us spend a significant amount of time working up a sweat, but we don’t think much about how we’re replenishing our bodies afterward.

“People reach for soda or juice with tons of calories or another beverage laden with calories but not enough water,” says personal trainer Irene McCormick.  She knows a lot about pushing people to work hard, but she says few of us need to refuel with fancy sports drinks.  “The average person after a one hour fitness class does not need to replace with Gatorade.   The whole claim to fame is replacing lost electrolytes, and frankly – you’re not losing so many electrolytes unless you’re really sweating profusely.”

In general – water is the absolute best fluid replacement – and all most of us need.  Drink a huge glass first thing in the morning and then keep sipping all day long.  Irene says it will save you calories in more ways than one.  “People walk around chronically dehydrated and don’t even know that they’re dehydrated and they’ll confuse thirst for hunger.”

If you do endure a really punishing workout, “Just a small pint of low-fat chocolate milk – it’s amazing, a wonderful after-work out fluid replacement.”

For more extreme dehydration, researchers at Iowa State have found that good old chicken noodle soup really is good for what ails you.  “It’s the sodium, the perfect blend of potassium and the noodles which are your carbohydrates and the chicken which is your protein.  It’s perfect!”

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