WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Get Fit While You Sit

Workout of the Week
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DES MOINES, Iowa - Most of us spend most of our days on our rear ends, and it’s a real problem.

Recent research shows there are more than 30 chronic diseases and conditions associated with excess sitting. You can do something about it – even if you’re mobility is limited.

Moving more leads to a longer, happier life so personal trainer Alan Bernard is showing us exercises you can do while you sit!

Simple movements like arm circles and marching in place are enough to get the blood pumping and adding weight to shoulder exercises can have a big impact. “It creates a cardiovascular effect,” Alan explains as we’re all huffing and puffing, “and it also develops strength.”

Making a fist and extending the fingers is wonderful for improving grip and relieving the symptoms of arthritis. Another thing you can do if you’re confined to a chair is shoulder shrugs.

Boxing moves, reclining splits, and alternating high knees elevate the heart rate and increase range of motion.

Finally, nothing beats a good old fashioned squat. It’s one of the most functional movements you can practice, and using a chair helps you do it safely.

The rule of thumb is this - If you've been sitting for an hour, it's too long. For 10 minutes of every hour you need to be up and moving. It could add years to your life!


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