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IOWA  —  Everyone wants a nice butt, but strong glutes are about more than just aesthetics.

“It keeps you injury-free or prevents injury,” explains Personal Trainer Angie Gallagher.

Our glutes get ‘lazy’ primarily due to inactivity, but age, gravity, and hormones can also weaken them.

“So giving birth and menopause, that will affect glutes becoming lazy and we have to work harder at making them work.”

Everyone wants to know what to do to build a better butt.

Here are Angie’s Top 5 Glute Moves:
1) Weighted hip lifts
2) Bulgarian squats
3) Donkey kicks
4) Pistol squats
5) Squats

Do these exercises two to three times a week and you’ll have a strong, beautiful backside.

You can do some of these moves with us this Saturday at Workout of the Weekend. Find details here.