Workout Of The Week: Dixie Cup Challenge

Workout of the Week
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Leave it to personal trainer, Angie Gallagher to turn an ordinary paper cup into a torture device.

"So, the Dixie Cups are going to add some intensity to some more traditional exercises, but keeping it safe for the knees and fun," says Angie.

We begin by using the Dixie Cups as markers during a speed skating exercise.  Before long, we're grimacing.

"Ow, Ow, Ow," says Erin.

The same goes for front lunges.  Our heart rates spike and our muscles scream, but there's no unnecessary impact on our knees.

"Changing the angle and making it more narrow makes it a little more joint friendly," explains Angie.

Placing the Dixie Cups on the floor during a side lunge also forces us to extend a little deeper into the exercise.

"On the strength training exercises we use it to really kick in the gluts and take some pressure away from the knees," says Angie.

Engaging the larger muscles also makes the exercise more aerobic.  From lunges to wall sits, the Dixie Cups can be used as markers for several exercises.  If this is too easy, try testing your strength by replacing the Dixie Cups with weights.

And the workout wouldn't be complete without some cardio.  After sprinting from one cup to the next, multiple times, we agree, we will never look at paper products the same way.


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