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DES MOINES, Iowa – It looks like a regular body bar, but it’s what’s inside the Activemotion Bar that sets it apart.

“They’ve got little, metal ballast balls or little metal moving weights and when you tilt it they roll. So, it throws off your balance,” said personal trainer, Angie Gallagher.

What you can’t see, you can certainly feel and hear.

The makers of the Activemotion Bar have a term for it.  It’s called disruptive training.  The instability of challenges the body with new stimulus, leading to increased balanced, core strength and mind-muscle awareness.

The bar can be used for core alone, or for total body movements like a back lunge with a kick or a forward reverse lunge.  Want to make it even more difficult?  Hold the bar over your head.

As the weight shifts in the bar, your strength and balance are challenged, making these moves functional as well.

“We naturally lose our balance as we age,” said Gallagher.  “So, when you’re incorporating tools that help us work on our balance it makes our overall quality of life better.”

And that’s what it’s all about;  Building a better body for a better life.