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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Acro Yoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga.

“Once they try it they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s not so bad. It’s super fun,'” says Brent Aronsen, an instructor at Power Life Yoga in West Des Moines.

Of course, Aronsen and fellow instructor Tiffany Thomas make it look easy, as they lift one another over their heads.

“The first time I did Acro I was like, ‘I want down.’ And Brent was like, ‘No stay, stay. I have you, I have you.’ And it’s that type of language and communication that makes Acro so special,” says Thomas.

For Sam Prey, it’s more than a workout–it’s therapy.

“As soon as I tried it I thought, ‘he’s gonna love it,’ because he loves climbing, he’s really active,” says Sam’s respite provider Elizabeth Jordt.

Jordt says most sports have to be modified for Sam, but not Acro Yoga.  He keeps up with the rest of the class, and then some.

“He’s totally fearless and he has really great balance, too,” says Jordt.

She points out it is also a great way for Sam to communicate.

“For him to be able to communicate using his physical body is really rewarding for him, as well as helps with the verbal communication later.”

The physical benefits are also worth noting.

“You will get so core strong if you come to Acro Yoga,” says Thomas.

Strong body, strong mind–what’s not to love? Cirque du Soleil, here we come.