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It’s easy to get lost in all the weight room machinery.  So, we’ve got a list of the ten most effective weight room exercises.  They’re basic movements, that don’t require a lot of equipment.

“Cardio is wonderful, but it’s not enough, especially as we age,” says personal trainer, Irene McCormick.  “So many people don’t strength train because they don’t know what to do.”

McCormick says these exercises are “tried and true” and easy to implement.

We begin with the lower body.  Lunges, squats and dead lifts will work your biggest muscle groups, which burn the most calories.  You can perform these exercises with a variety of equipment, including your own body weight, dumbbells or machines.

“You can do that lunge in a variety of ways and get benefit, but the body will respond differently every time you change the equipment.”

When your body becomes accustomed to one piece of equipment, switch it up.  That’s usually about every six weeks.

“The equipment change is enough for your body to achieve overload with a different stimuli,” says McCormick.

That goes for the upper body too.  The most effective exercises for it:  Bent rows, overhead press, chest press, bicep curls and the tricep press.  For the core, you can’t beat planks and crunches.

Try to complete three sets of ten repetitions for each exercise with an appropriate weight.

“If you’re not getting tired by rep 10, your weight is not heavy enough.”

Perform this routine twice a week for results McCormick says are “real.”

“This is a perfect full body workout.”