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It doesn’t take long for us to realize this is not your typical workout.

“Pick it up a little bit,” shouts Todd Downing, co-owner of Ice Performance Training Center.

By it’s very nature, there’s a lot of heart and soul built into the center.

“Ice actually comes from a friend of ours who passed away… B.J. Iseminger.”

Iseminger was a Des Moines Firefighter and a four-time state wrestling qualifier.  That’s why, in addition to this Warrior Workout, the Ice Performance Training Center is dedicated to teaching kids fundamental wrestling techniques.  Downing has wrestled since he was five.

It’s also how Lyndee Hugen got involved in the Warrior Workouts.

“My stepson’s got signed up with Todd for Ice wrestling programs.  Somehow, my husband got into the Warrior and the next thing you know, I was here.”

Here is a farm on the outskirts of Runnells.

“Ready, break your hips down – go!” yells Downing, as we begin a “Suicide Drill” in a sand pit.

Downing doesn’t let up – ever.  “The key here is getting in oxygen.”

Oxygen is something we’re lacking as we move from suicides to walking planks, to lunges with a Bulgarian bag and seated rows.  Push-ups are also on Downing’s agenda.  But not just any push-ups.  Ten to 20 pound chains are placed on the shoulders to push Warrior wannabe’s to the next level.

“You’ll remember this in the morning,” laughs Downing, as we attempt a Turkish get-up with a weighted bag slung over our shoulders.

Every move is designed to test not just your stamina and strength, but your spirit.

“Fitness is a lifestyle.  It’s not something you do for six months and then take six months off,” says Downing

Lyndee agrees.  She’s lost more than a hundred pounds the last two years and knows there’s no giving up.  Each day is a challenge.  She credits Ice with making her stronger – physically and mentally.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger doing it.  The functionality, overall strength… and just mental toughness, figuring out that I can get through some of these things and hang with the big guys.”

It’s why they call this the Warrior Workout.  If you aren’t one when you start, you will be when you finish.

“I feel lighter emotionally, mentally,” says Lyndee.  “One thing I’ve learned the last few years is just how blessed I am.”

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