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There are all kinds of gadgets out there to keep you on track. Some of them monitor your heart rate while others log your steps.

The calorie reading on the machines at the gym will give you an estimate of how much you`re burning.  But if you want a more accurate count, you may want to invest in a gadget.

The ePulse2 is a heart rate monitor and calorimeter all rolled into one.

We asked personal trainer, Irene McCormick to put it to the test.

“You just push that little heart button and then it turns on and you need about 20-seconds to set and that means that it`s finding my heart rate.”

One of the benefits – unlike other heart rate monitors – is that the ePulse2 doesn`t require a chest strap.

You can also enter how many calories you want to burn each day.

Other options will keep you in your intended heart rate zone, by alerting you if you`re working too hard or not hard enough.

On the down side, Irene says some might find the ePulse2 a little bulky.  It also needs to be charged daily and it doesn`t store your workout data.

You also have to keep track of what you`re eating and be honest with yourself.

The ePulse2 costs about $90.


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