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Back in January Sarah Bosen told us her goal was, “To be a healthier me.” Saying it is one thing, doing it is another.  That’s why she turned to Wellness Coach Ami Bolles for help.

“We’re very goal oriented,” Ami explains, “so I’m always asking, how many times you got here, what you did, what you liked or what you would not go back to.”  Sarah says it’s a key part of the program. “For me – that’s helped a lot – to have a goal and work toward it and do it.”

Now Sarah’s working out at least three times a week, getting her kids involved in exercise, and making healthier food choices.  It’s a holistic approach. “My goal was to be healthy…for me, my kids, my family…and I feel like I’ve grown spiritually and mentally as well and the weight loss is like a bonus!”

Sarah had another goal - getting over her fear of group fitness. “I never realized how intimidated I felt going to class before, so I’ve been trying new things.”  Amy has seen Sarah try everything from Zumba to cycle classes – all things that were way outside her comfort zone.

Zumba is way outside Ami’s comfort zone … but doing it with Sarah is her way of making a point. “I think it’s a good lesson. I don’t like it! It is a struggle and it’s not enjoyable for me, but I will suck it up and do it today,” she says with a laugh. The point is, sometimes you have to be uncomfortable if you want to change.

Sarah says she’s more confident in who she is and what she’s capable of doing. “I feel happier too,” she says with a huge smile, “it’s been a journey and I know there’s still a lot more to go.”  Ami says she’s witnessed Sarah experiencing some big self-discoveries over the past six months. “It’s branched out beyond fitness and I think it’s personal growth for her, which is amazing to see.”

It’s change that seeping into every aspect of Sarah’s life, and that was the point of this partnership from the beginning. “I can do this!  I have this whole ‘I can do this!’ mentality that I didn’t have before and it’s so empowering.”

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