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Corporate wellness isn`t a new trend, but it`s definitely expanding.  A small company in the metro is proof.

Seeing exercise in the middle of the workday at the workplace is becoming more and more common. But most corporate wellness programs only exist at huge corporations.

“We`re about 300 employees, so the fact that we have a gym, catered food, and that we do these programs is a big deal,” says Jennifer Daniel who oversees the wellness program at Businessolver in West Des Moines. “You don`t see that at smaller companies.”

People here want to be an example for other small companies.  The wellness program started small, long before the workout space existed.

“This started with `healthy days.’ Instead of giving employees sick days they give us `healthy days` and you have to earn them by working out, by volunteering, by giving blood. You earn vacation days,” Daniel explains.

There are also fun, unconventional challenges like the ‘avoid the vator’ campaign. Employees earn points and win prizes for taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

The in-office plank challenge has employees dropping to the floor to show off how much strength they`ve gained since the competition started.

“It`s a big attraction for people coming in as recruits for interviews. They see the gym, the food, people wanting to be healthy,” Daniels adds.

Hard work, plus healthy habits equals happy employees and corporate success.