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It looks like a torture device, but the Cardio Tramp is a great way to give your Pilates routine a little kick.

Traditional Pilates strengthens and stretches the muscles.  With the addition of the Cardio Tramp, you can also get a killer cardio workout.

"This is Stott's V2 Max," says Amy Belvo, a personal trainer at Fitness by Design.

She calls it the Cadillac of the Stott's Reformer line, "You can do a variety of different exercises."

In fact, you can perform hundreds of exercises - even more when you add the Cardio Tramp, a trampoline like device attached to the end of the Reformer.  It adds a cardio element to your Pilates routine.  And as always, the core is key to every movement.

"So when we're doing Reformer and Pilates in general... we talk a lot about neutral pelvis.  We want to keep the hip bone level with the pubic bone," says Amy.

That helps support the back as we begin a series of jumps.  We start with the parallel jump, followed by the cross-country, moguls and running.  By this time our quads are burning and our heart rates are climbing.

"For people who have back issues, who can't do squat jumps on the floor, you can do things like that on here."

Now it's time to hit the abs with a reverse crunch.  Amy adjusts the tension and urges us to really concentrate on the muscles being used.  Erin says it reminds her of labor.  It may not be that difficult, but it certainly isn't easy.

The arms sequence is next.  We push against the cardio tramp using both arms, then alternate the right and left arm.  Again, the abs are constantly engaged.

Another ab sequence is followed by more jumps, which means more cardio, and more bang for your buck.


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