SUCCESS STORY: Erin & Sonya catch up with a Channel 13 co-worker who has found a way to drop the pounds while still doing what he likes

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This week we have another success story to share with you. It features Will Frazier, one of our colleagues here at Channel 13.

We had no idea he had a weight loss story to share until he commented on our workout segments and said, "Oh yeah, I've lost almost 100 pounds." WHAT?!? Right away, we started asking Will to share his story with all of you.

"It wasn't until high school that I really let it go...I didn't think it was an issue, it was just the way I lived my life." Will got a wake up call when he was moving in March of 2009. "The only thing left in the entire house was a scale," he says, "I got on it and was like, oh! I kept moving it, and had to move it over again...oh!" He couldn't believe it. The scale read 325 pounds. "It was the most I'd ever weighed. I'd never seen a number that big and it freaked me out."

Will knew his sedentary life was a big part of the problem. "What do I like to do? Read, play video games, watch TV, and all involve me sitting on my butt!" He found a way to keep doing what he loves, now he just does it on a stationary bike! "I do what I do, just sitting in a different chair," he says with a laugh. In fact, Will has spent so much time in that new "chair" that he broke it! He bought a new one, and also adopted a new outlook on food. "It's more fuel that keeps me going instead of, this is what makes me happy!" Now he eats mostly raw foods... fruit for breakfast, veggies at lunch and at dinner a "normal" meal instead of what he calls a "fat kid" meal. "I don't beat myself up. I like cheeseburgers, pizza, BBQ... all that stuff. I just eat it in moderation now."

Will hasn't given up anything he loves, and now he loves living a healthy life. "It's opened my eyes ... wow! You're not supposed to feel like that when you get out of bed! I feel so much better now and I did it by finding what works for me."


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