ERIN OFF CAMERA: Thanks! Now I Want Your Opinions…

Workout of the Week
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I am so grateful to all of you for the advice you offered up last week regarding my dummy-induced back pain.  And Scott – your comment, “Who’s the dummy?!?” may be spot on.  :)

I tried various combinations of virtually everything readers suggested for at-home remedies (with the exception of medical marijuana).

I was still gimping around over the weekend and I’m still sore but I’ve managed to work out every day this week.

I have not gone to the doctor because I’m no longer in pain.

However – I am still uncomfortable.

So here’s the topic on which I’d like your opinions and/or personal stories:  Chiropractors.  I’ve never been to one.  I know people who either swear by them or swear that they’re quacks.


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