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CLIVE, Iowa -- Acupuncture is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that’s been around for thousands of years. most commonly used to treat pain, it’s also known to reduce stress, increase energy and detox the body. “We are truly modern acupuncturists,” says acupuncturist Bill Terrell, “we’re trained in biochemistry, anatomy, physiology.”

Terrell and his wife Beth opened the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic in 1997.  On Saturday they’ll host an event for the public. “Our principle behind acupuncture is to strengthen the immune system in the fall, and strengthen the digestive system because we start packing on weight.”

Since we’ve experienced it before, we invited our colleagues to give it a try. “Ear?!?!?” squeals engineer Mark Hoffman, “I didn’t know ear was going to happen!” Curiosity lured him to the session and Bill explains that each acupuncture point corresponds to a different organ system.

“You definitely feel it go in, but there’s no pain really,” Mark says, “it’s surprising, I wasn’t expecting that.” His testimonial puts producer Kelly Jellings more at ease and she’s interested in what acupuncture can do for aches and pains. “Well, my triceps are a little sore from my workout,” she explains.

Bill diagnoses Kelly as being healthy, but running ragged. “That’s our problem in modern life we are just pushing this hormonal system to its max. We aren’t resting enough, we don’t sleep deep enough, we don’t take time to eat, and we rush through our meals. It’s terrible for our bodies.”

Some in the circle aren’t ready for their turn, at all. “My heart is racing so fast, “producer Ciera Lundgren says with a nervous giggle. She hates needles, even though these are so thin you can hardly see them.  Once the treatment starts, she’s shocked. “I was so nervous before, I don’t know why…probably just thinking about needles going into my body, but now it’s just so relaxing.”

Bill explains that acupuncture takes the patient where he or she needs to go, not necessarily where they want to go.  Nonetheless, Director of Digital Content Aaron Hepker really regrets being the last patient. “Having to watch everybody go before me, yeah…I was pretty nervous.” But like everyone else, he’s pleasantly surprised by the results. “I’m very calm and relaxed – not what I was expecting by any means.”

That’s’s what Bill hears in his clinic all the time, and it’s what he loves about his job. “Absolutely,” he says with a smile, “it’s a joy to help people.”

This Saturday you can experience acupuncture in a group setting.

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