WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Barreless Barre

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Personal Trainer Irene McCormick says there’s a reason it makes sense to work out like a dancer. “It’s interesting, because dancers in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, were the professional athletes that we look to today. Their programming was very regimented, very intense.”

And they had the strength, stamina and physiques to show for it. That classic dancer’s build is one reason barre classes are so popular today. “The focus with this program – the barreless program is muscle length and extension, so the exercises are designed to help you with posture, length, and lifting.”

That’s right; Irene is taking us through a barre routine, without the barre! “You can use a chair, “she explains, “or if you take barre you’ll realize many of the exercises take place off the barre.”

You can just hold onto the wall for some moves, and the Bender Ball is another great way to stabilize your body. It can be used in a number of different ways to perform the tiny movements that fire up muscles without straining tendons and ligaments.

These moves are a great way to increase balance, flexibility and range of motion – no ballet shoes required. “Again, it’s very specific to dance, but if you’re a regular person like me and you just want to exercise and take advantage of the fun and unique attributes of barre training, you can easily use a chair or a wall.”


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