The Brutal Truth About Cycling, and How Yoga Can Heal

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Kylie Carter is a yoga instructor with a passion for pedaling.

“I love cycling,” she said. “I saved up to buy my first road bike four years ago, and I’ve been on it ever since.”

It didn’t take long for Carter to realize that being on the bike for long periods of time can be brutal on the body.

“Rounding of shoulders is a big one,” she explained. “They lean over those handlebars, especially cyclists who are out on the road.”

WHO-HD’s Sonya Heitshusen knows the feeling well, and Carter said this is where yoga can come to the rescue.

“And it’s not just for those hardcore athletes — It’s for everyone who wants to learn how to better their body. Think about sitting at a desk all day. You experience that hunching over in everyday life and on your bike,” Carter said.

Carter hosts a weekend workshop for yoga poses, which addresses the chest, back and the big muscles in the lower body that are used to power the bike.

It will be a “yin” style of yoga that keeps students in poses for long periods of time. It’s not easy, but the payoff is big — both on the bike and in life.

“It’s about leaning into that discomfort,” Carter said. “It’s a mind battle, and when you learn to overcome those thoughts in your mind, you learn so much about yourself!”

The Yoga for Cyclists workshop is this Sunday, April 10 at Lifetime Fitness at 1:15pm. Click here for more information.

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