SOUNDOFF VIDEO: I Think 6/17/12

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Time for, I think.


Father’s Day

I know mother's day had a fifty year head start on father's day,

But it's nice having dad's recognized.

Not only does my father rock cool t-shirts, he's the kindest man I’ve ever known.

Tiger Woods

I think we have an answer over whose drought ends first,

Junior, or Tiger.

The talk of Tiger being back was silly.  We'll never see tiger 2000 again, and it's possible we won't see tiger 2012 win a major.


I think there's no punishment harsh enough for the alleged pedophile crimes of Jerry Sandusky.

There's no way to give those kids back their innocence or trust.

I think the NCAA should look long and hard at how Penn State enabled Sandusky by giving him continued access, despite all the evidence he was a monster. It's "lack of institutional control" defined.

Lance Armstrong

I think I’m tired of doping charges against Lance Armstrong. Either make something stick, or move on.

Rome vs. Stern

I think Jim Rome's question to David Stern about the draft could have been better. Instead of "was the fix in?", something like, "what more can you do to assure fans absolutely transparency?", but when Stern attacked Rome's integrity, Rome stayed professional, and Stern sounded defensive, and out of touch.

John Walters

I think Iowa State TV's gain is Channel 5 viewers' loss: John Walters delivered first rate highlights, and subtle commentary with class for more than 25 years. We salute "the godfather".

Paul Rhoads

And we salute Paul Rhoads' force of nature fu manchu.

If Rhoads keeps this ‘stache, it's worth 3 points a game.



Hey Kurt Busch...just go ahead and fistfight the whole media, alright?  You clearly want to be considered a bad ass, you already think they`re out to get you, what are you waiting for?  It could fit everybody`s needs!  The media needs something to talk about, NASCAR needs publicity, and you need your tiny little butt kicked.


I think the testimonies of Jerry Sandusky`s alleged victims broke this nation`s collective heart last week.  But I also find myself feeling bad for Sandusky`s lawyer, who sounds a little like a guy who`s been assigned to catch an asteroid with a baseball glove. He`s getting buried and he knows it.

Penn State

Just like Penn State knows it`s going to get sued like no place has been sued before.  It sure looks to me like that athletic department helped keep Jerry Sandusky in business.  This is why punitive damages exist in the American legal system.

John Walters

On a lighter note, I`d also like to say my piece about John Walters.  He was my first boss here in Des Moines, and he`s remained one my favorite people in Iowa.  John makes every social situation better. When he`s there, everyone else wants to be.

Father’s Day

I think I`d wish my dad a Happy Father`s Day, but he`s probably been in bed for three hours. I`d tell him to watch the video tomorrow on the internet, but he`d have a better chance of whittling a canoe with a plastic butter knife.  I`ll just offer it straight up to him, through the spirits. Happy Father`s Day, Dad.


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