Sash Dances, Gate Still Open, Coaching Candidates

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Fred Hoiberg and Fran McCaffery both deserve serious consideration for Coach of the Year in their respective conferences. Neither will win.

My easiest prediction of the year has already come true: a politician is walking on stage to Springsteen’s new song, “We Take Care of Our Own”. Joe Biden in Ames.

Victor Cruz can Salsa, but thanks to Oskaloosa Elementary, Tyler Sash can Interlude (thanks to AJ at CRI of William Penn for the video):

Drake looked good against a bad Bradley team in the first night of Arch Madness. Rayvonte Rice and Ben Simons give the Bulldogs a fighting chance against the Fightin’ McDermotts Friday.

My son Cade finished his first season with the Des Moines Metro schools basketball program. I was really impressed with everything from coaches who put fun before winning, to an official who blew his whistle enough to teach, but not so much as to spoil the flow. There weren’t even out-of-control parents. I have hope!

Perkins Penguins. (Cade all the way on left in front row.)

Shout out to the Ruby Van Meter basketball teams. They had a great night at Dowling Catholic, and  teachers and parents called in to say they’re proud.

I’m not the only one who wants the open gate closed. My Murph and Andy Show radio rant about the annoying Citi card commercial touched a nerve. You know the ad. The one with the woman climbing the rock, and the banshee earworm song. Unfortunately, I also ruined listeners’ days by repeatedly playing this song by the artist, LP. And yes, this is it, though at first it won’t you won’t recognize the song. Hang on. Then try to shake it.


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