MURPHY’S LAW: Underdog Strategy, Sash Denied, Bandit Blu-Ray,

murphys law
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  • Paul Rhoads couldn’t ask for a better attention-getter than his Cyclones being underdogs at home to Tulsa. He’ll use it too.
  • Imagine how the air will feel like it came out of the college football season if Iowa State and Iowa lose their openers. It’s not as far-fetched as you might think. I still think Clones and Hawks win.
  • Opening at Soldier Field is just cool.
  • I hear Bobby Hansen is going to go American Idol on the Cubs 7th Inning Stretch Friday. I can’t wait to hear Bobby sing, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. That’s after Fran McCaffery throws out the first chair. Er, ball.
  • Iowa fans voting at predict a 10-2 season for Iowa. That’s how you set yourself up for disappointment. Even with a soft schedule, 10-2 with a team this young would make Kirk Ferentz a coach of the year candidate.
  • We’ll ask our Murph & Andy Show listeners Tuesday what they predict for Iowa. Monday they forecast a 5-7 season for Iowa State.
  • A javelin killed a German track and field official. I’m surprised this sport still exists. You’re throwing a spear, and accidents do happen.
  • Penn State will no longer play Sweet Caroline at football games because of the line, “touching me, touching you”. Many think that’s an overreaction. It’s not. It’s being proactive for a line that would be uncomfortable for Penn Staters, and mocked by outsiders.
  • Rob Riggle will replace Frank Caliendo on Fox football coverage. It’s probably time to try something new. The “John Madden” doesn’t work as well now.
  • Tim Tebow looked as awkward Sunday night as any NFL quarterback I’ve ever seen throwing a pass.
  • Peyton Manning may not be 100% again, but he showed Sunday that with most of his arm, and all of his head, he’s still likely a top five quarterback.
  • Terrell Owens, go away.
  • A friend told me the great Smokey & The Bandit is being released in Blu-Ray. This could be the push I need to get Blu-Ray. I’ve always wanted to see Sheriff Buford T. Justice swear at the Bandit in high definition.
  • I’m glad to see a sports columnist back on the page for the Register. Bryce Miller is going to do a great job.
  • And a big thank you to all of you who sent congratulations, and shared stories as we celebrated SoundOFF 800.


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