MURPHY’S LAW: Snowmawhat???, Hawkeye changes, Almost time…

murphys law
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By: John Sears

Snowtorious BIG, Snowmageddon, Sowpocalypse.  Fail.  The snowstorm of the decade turned into snowitdidn’t.  6 inches.  Trying to predict the amount of snow for a snowstorm is a lot like trying to predict a Super Bowl champ at the beginning of the season, almost impossible.  Props to the WHO weather team though, they said it would start snowing at 3pm on Thursday, and you better believe I saw a flake at 3pm.

Kirk Ferentz met the media today in Iowa City to talk about the new assistant coaches.  Ferentz is making an effort to change the Hawkeye football program.  I like the changes, and applaud the effort.  The program has become stale and vanilla, it needs something new.  4 wins last year, just 19-19 in the last 3.  Fans want more.  If that means 6 new assistant coaches in the last 2 years, I’m all for it.  Ferentz isn’t stupid, he understands the changing world of college football.  The question is will the changes lead to more than 4 wins?  They better hope so, or the seat will be getting hot in Iowa City.

College football is over 6 months away.  I’m ready for it to return.

Our new sports readmireporter Michael Admire started this week.  So far so good, he hasn’t left yet.  Many people think he looks like a mix between a young Emilio Estevez and a Baldwin brother, I can see it. He’s learning on the fly and doing very well.  Great sense of humor, and will fit in great.  (If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Michael at @Admire_OnAir)


HUGE Saturday for the Hawks in basketball.  Never thought I’d say that against Nebraska, but it is a big game.  Iowa needs to win 4 of their final 5 (very doable) to have a shot at the NCAA tournament.  If the Hawks win 4 of 5, and 1 in the BTT I think they’re in the NCAA tourney as a 12 seed.

I think Iowa State punched their ticket to the Big Dance with a win at Baylor on Wednesday.  Assuming they don’t go in the tank I think the Cyclones get a 10 seed in the tourney.

Speaking of the NCAA tournament how nuts is it going to be?  Seriously?  I could see a 6 seed winning it all. Warriors-Uniforms-sleeves

The Golden State Warriors are currently wearing their YMCA uniforms in an actual game, on television, in public.  Retro t-shirts.  They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t a keeper either.  The shorts aren’t even the same color as the tops.  Pass.

My wife is 8 months, 3 weeks pregnant.  She’s ready, I’m ready.  The baby, not ready yet.  We aren’t finding out the sex of the baby until the birth, most people cannot believe we’re waiting to find out.  We did it for our first child and loved it.  My $$$ is on another girl.



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