MURPHY’S LAW: Open Fizzles, Junior Wins, Heat Rises

murphys law
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The U.S. Open fizzled. It had many compelling story angles through three rounds—Tiger, Hossler, Furyk–then on Sunday night, it became a grinding game of attrition. Webb Simpson just sat and watched as the course kicked everyone’s butt. Simpson came from 29th place on Saturday, to U.S. Open champ.

Talk of Tiger being back was not only premature, it was silly. We’ll never see Tiger 2000 again. Woods dominated the game, and that guy is not coming back. He may win again, but five more majors suddenly looks unlikely.

Went to my wife’s family reunion Saturday. Not only was it fun, it was important. We all need to find more time for family, but it can be difficult, especially when people scatter.

Heat up 2-1. Better get used to the idea of Lebron having a ring.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr finally winning is good for NASCAR. I can’t think of any other example where a sport’s most popular figure, by far, rarely wins. I also find Junior likeable. It can’t be easy in his father’s shadow, but he’s done well. And the race drought ends on Father’s Day.

I finally watched the Dream Team documentary. It’s as good as advertised. A fascinating 75 minutes. Charles Barkley steals the show, and Michael Jordan leaves no doubt about the greatest player.



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