MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclones Handle Horned Frogs, Hello Top 25, ‘Hyde’ and Seek

murphys law
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By: John Sears

Iowa State, well done. Cyclones earned that upset win over #15 TCU.  First win over a top 15 team on the road in 35 years.  35 years!!!  Give credit where credit is due.  Iowa State was more physical and made more big plays than the horned frogs. 

Do I think ISU benefited because TCU’s starting QB didn’t play?  Of course, that’s not rocket science.  But regardless, the Cyclones still had to go out and make plays, they did.  And last time I checked Casey Pachall doesn’t play defense.  ISU put up 30 points (I’m not counting the pick 6 by David Irving since it was a defensive TD) on a TCU defense that was supposed to be really good. ISU won this game, they took advantage of missing players like any team would.

Jared Barnett just seems to have the ‘it’ quality that Steele Jantz doesn’t.  I have no idea what ‘it’ is but Barnett just seems like a better fit for the ISU offense.  Barnett’s numbers were not off the charts, but he took advantage of big plays when they presented themselves.  He still needs to avoid the ‘dumb’ throw. 

The Cyclones are ranked in the Top 25 for the first time since 2005.  Sure, its #25 in the coaches poll, but they’re in.  Not many people thought they’d get 4 wins all year.  Their reward, #6 Kansas State on Saturday. 

TCU’s fan support is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, EVER.  The stadium was about 70% full.  A top 15 team playing in their first ever Big 12 game and you can’t even sell out?  What a joke.  And don’t let the ‘attendance’ numbers from the final stats fool you.  Just go back and watch the game, look at all the empty seats in the crowd. 

Micah Hyde was arrested Friday night for public intox.  A couple things people need to realize.  1. Hyde is of legal age.  2. He was out drinking on a bye-week.  So before you start comparing him to former Iowa players charged with assault, DUI’s, etc., stop.   Now, do I think he should have gotten in a ‘fight’ with workers at the Old Capitol Brew Works?  No.  But even with that ‘fight’ the worst thing Hyde did was run from police.  You can’t run from police, that escalates any charge.
Hyde was caught 2 blocks away from the bar. That’s as far as he got?  Man, I thought the starting punt returner would have gotten further than 2 blocks…
I have no problem with Hyde going out to the bars on a bye week.  The guy is of legal age and has every right to go out with his guys and have some drinks.  The problem comes in with him not leaving a bar when told, and then running from the police.

I don’t think Hyde will be suspended for the Michigan State game. 

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