MURPHY’S LAW: Cundiff Cut, I-Cubs, Turn Down $20 Mil?

murphys law
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By: John Sears

  • Billy Cundiff is a perfect example of how 1 missed kick can cost a good NFL kicker a job.  Cundiff was cut Sunday by the Baltimore Ravens.  He was a pro-bowler in 2010, now looking for a new employer.  Last year in the AFC title game Cundiff missed a 32 yard chip shot that would have sent the game against the Patriots in to overtime and given Baltimore a chance at the Super Bowl.  I have no doubt this missed cost him his job.  Who knows if undrafted rookie kicker Justin Tucker is better than Cundiff, but if Cundiff makes that kick against New England he still has a job in Baltimore.  Now, he’s a really good kicker looking for a new home. 

  • The Iowa Cubs home finale was today (Sunday).  They lost, 4-3.  How do you know the I-Cubs have loyal fans?  Over 10,000 showed up to see a team 30 games under .500.  Minor league baseball is a roller coaster, it all depends on what the ‘big club’ wants.  I won’t be shocked if the I-Cubs are pushing for a playoff spot next year. 

  • Soundoff show #800 airs tonight.  I was a 14-year-old freshman in high school when the show started.  I’d say it’s quite popular, and incredibly funny. 

  • I love to play golf when I can.  I like to watch golf.  But I’ll admit it, when Tiger is not in contention on the weekend it just isn’t the same.  The last few ‘weekends’ he was supposed to be in contention, but faded badly.  I bet the ratings did too.   

  • Tebow/Sanchez, anyone sick of these 2 yet?  Have there ever been 2 less than average QB’s get more pub than Sanchow

  • Katy Perry reportedly turned down $20 million dollars to be a judge on American Idol.  $20 million?  Are you kidding me?  How many people are so well off they can just turn down a ‘judging’ gig for $20-mill?  Idol, give me a call I’ll do it for $1 million, if you throw in free dinner every night. 

  •  T-minus 6 days till big time college football kicks off.  I’ll be in Chicago next Saturday for Iowa-Northern Illinois.  I’m excited, it’s football, it’s almost here…Almost. 


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